SpringCapital Investment Pty Ltd

SpringCapital Investment Pty Ltd (ACN 626 777 053) operates SpringCapital ESVCLP Fund (ILP 1800032) and an Investment Club.

SpringCapital ESVCLP Fund

SpringCapital ESVCLP makes equity investments in eligible Australian growth companies. For more details please contact [email protected].

If you are a wholesale investor and would like to invest through our SpringCapital ESVCLP fund, please download and fill out the EOI form. Once completed, please send the form and all required materials to [email protected]. Our team will then get back to you in 2 business days for the next steps.

SpringCapital Investment Club

On behalf of our club members we find and analyse investment opportunities in the venture capital / alternate investment space. When we find a company which meets our investment criteria we will form a special purpose vehicle (SPV) to enable our members to invest in that company. We only show our investors deals which we invest our own personal capital into. SpringCapital principals and advisors subscribe to a minimum of 10% of every deal we present to our members. SpringCapital Investment Club has the below benefits.

You have a choice in the companies that you invest in

With Venture Capital investing, some deals simply resonate more with certain investors than others. We believe that some investors prefer to have the choice to fully analyse the deals themselves and then opt out of deals they don’t like and invest more in deals they do.

Your money is not tied up, uninvested, paying fees

When you invest in a fund, your money is often tied up for several years before it is even invested. We offer our investors a better way to apply their capital.

You are only shown the most high conviction opportunities

In a fund there is pressure on the manager to invest the money even if the deal does not seem exceptional. We believe that if we don’t love the deal we don’t do the deal, especially as we have to invest our own funds into it.

You are “closer” to the company

SpringCapital will provide quarterly updates to members on the performance of each company. In addition, if member have any thoughts, suggestions, leads or concerns about the company they can get direct access to the management of the company, via SpringCapital. 

You can add value to your investment

Our club members have a very wide network of contacts in many different areas and locations. They can help open doors and make introductions for our investee companies. Our connections into China can be particularly helpful for some companies.

Why Australian VC Market

Science and Innovation

The key benefits of Australia are its strong scientific research and vital innovation atmosphere. Here, numerous inventions have profoundly changed human society, including penicillin, the HPV vaccine, Google maps and Wi-Fi technology. Additionally, the Australian government has vigorously fostered innovation and entrepreneurship by providing technological assistance, capital investment and preferential policies. Therefore, Australia has fertile entrepreneurial soil.

Open to Global Market

In recent years, the VC market has developed at a rapid rate and helped to hatch a large number of world-class unicorns, such as Atlassian, SEEK and Cochlear. Most commendable is the fact that Australian has active innovation and entrepreneurial genes, as well as a group of down-to-earth, humble and prudent start-up entrepreneurs.

Lack of Funding 

Though Australian VC Market is rapidly developing and benefit from various and healthy exit channels, it lacks of funding and capital mainly raised locally. According to sources from AVCAL and University of Sydney Joint Report, the annual capital investment in the VC market accounts for less than one-half of the OECD average. The Australian VC market still has a large funding gap and room for development.

Outperform Stocks

According to data from Cambridge Associate, a world-renowned investment consultancy, Australian VC and private equity investment returns have outperformed Australian stocks and bonds within a 15-year time frame.