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SpringCapital’s conception was born from a group of founders and entrepreneurs. We wanted to invest behind the next transformational technology and backing those brilliant founders solving difficult problems. But why are our investors mainly entrepreneurial founders? Starting just one or two successful businesses is more than most people get out of a lifetime. As entrepreneurs, we understand the incredible value to customers, employees, founders and investors in creating a new venture and great businesses bring benefits to society as a whole. So we want to support many more startups than we could ever do alone. This is the core philosophy of SpringCapital.

Founders and entrepreneurs know the lengths that it takes, dedication and opportunistic mindset that makes success. We want to be investing behind teams of brilliant people solving difficult problems enabling transformational technologies. Ideally on the exit we have those founders to come back as investors with SpringCapital and leverage through their networks the next technological development projects to support. For this mindset of thinking and network we deliver an outsized long-term return for our investment family.

It is a journey meaningfully explored and we are excited to do it with you.

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SpringCapital is an Australian Government Approved Fund Manager for ESVCLP Fund.

Venture Capital

High Tech/Fintech/AI/SaaS focused with project specific investment opportunities through SPV funds

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Only Wholesale Clients who are fully registered with SpringCapital can invest on this platform. Full registration includes verification of identity and confirmation of Wholesale Client status. "Wholesale Client" has the meaning given by section 761G of CORPORATIONS ACT 2001.

- Our Portfolio Companies

Since its inception, SpringCapital has partnered with management teams on tens of portfolio investments. Their common denominators are the problems these young companies solve and minds that infuse them with the brilliance and drive to achieve their goals. Of course, all these startups are yielding breakthroughs which will make many other solutions possible.

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- Are you looking for a
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How Do SpringCapital Events Work?

SpringCapital hosts member-exclusive events for our members to meet with founders and management teams from the companies SpringCapital will invest in or has invested in. During the events, our members will be presented with the new deals and receive comprehensive updates of the previous projects. If you would like to know more about our events, please contact [email protected] for details.